Akasic App – The 4th Industrial Revolution Social Network

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AKASIC APP – The 4th Industrial Revolution Social Network

Before I delve into Akasic App, I would like to give you some statistics about the currently available social networks as well as smartphone usage statistics so that we can have a glimpse of the technology market in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the endless potential of Akasic App in particular and Akasic Global in general.


Today, having a smartphone seems like an indispensable part of our lives. Spending from 6-8 hours, even 8-12 hours, on smartphones is extremely common. From information exchange, shopping, making friends, working, dating, … everything is related to smartphone.

Currently, the number of people using mobile phones worldwide is more than 4 billion, of which 1.08 billion people use smartphones while the other 3.05 billion choose basic phones (ie, call, text and message). More specifically, about 950 million people use phones that have messaging functionality. In Vietnam alone, the number of smartphone users has reached 65 million.

As can be seen, the smartphone and social media sharing applications business is actually a billion-dollar industry.

Social Network

Since the first mailing engine was born in 1971, there has been over 150 internationally popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. and ones that operate within a country or a group of people like Weibo for the Chese, Orkut which is popular in South America, CyWorld in Korea, Mixi in Japan and in Vietnam we have Zingme, Yume, Zalo … Over the last decade, social networks have become more and more popular, not only as an integral part of many people’s daily lives, but also as an important element in the current economy.

At the time I wrote this article, Zalo – a social network of Vietnam with more than 100 million users, is being evaluated over $ 1 billion.

According to the Global Digital report from We are social, Vietnam is in the top 20 countries with the highest number of Internet users with 49 million people connected to the internet while their figure for the mobile subscribers has reached 131.9 million.


Needless to talk about the influence of bitcoin and blockchain. In 2017, cryptocurrency had help so many people from a small capital can become millionaire after just one night.

With cryptocurrency projects growing at 100-200%, 500%, 1000%, or even 10000% over the past year, the tremendous growth potentials in this industry have been proven.

The capabilities of what cryptocurrency can do are undeniable and blockchain technology adoptions are slowly going deep into human life just like smartphone.

With over 1500 coins and tokens, the current market capitalization is less than $ 300 billion while the daily transactions worth less than $ 20 billion. The cryptocurrency is still a minimal market when compared with the Forex market alone trading volume is 4000 Billion USD, indicating their room to grow.

Bitcoin Market Overview

– Circulating supply: 17,131,525

– BTC Dominance: 41.7%(at the time of writing)

– 24h Volume: $4,329,600,000 USD

– The number of countries using Bitcoin: 96

So, will a project with a target market of nearly 4 billion smartphone users and more than 3 billion social network users combined with the blockchain technology heading to a trillion-dollar growth in the future be considered as potential?

Akasic App

Akasic App – The world’s first full-featured social networking application combining the world’s currently available best technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IOT), Big Data and Sharing Economy.


With its superior features of video calling, texting, and audio calling just like other popular social networks, the Akasic App application has the wonderful two-layer encryption attribute as Telegram (the best social networking software to date with more than 150 million users) does. And most importantly, Akasic App also has the ability to exchange and trade cryptocurrency on its application, which is not yet available for any social networking application.

On June 22, 2018, Akasic App made a brilliant demo of the 5-star Sheraton Hotel promising endless possibilities for those who are planning to invest in this project.

The image below shows Akasic App applications that will integrate Moving Store (For Buyers), Akasic Seller, AkaPlay, AkaTrade (Cryptocurrency exchange operating within the Akasic Global). Especially, the function of synchronizing with the large exchanges in the world to trade is added into the social network Akasic App.


Behind the above-mentioned applications, lies a huge and comprehensive ecosystem of which Akasic APp is an important part, that I would probably take some times to analyze in detail later on.

The Akasic App ecosystems that include Akaplay, AkaTrade, AkaCard, Moving Store, Akasic Dealer, Aka Bot, AkaPay within Akasic’s ecosystem show the widespread visibility of Akasic’s Dev and Founder.

By the end of this article, I would like to present to you an illustrating example to prove why we can totally believe in the billion-worth potential of Akasic App in particular or Akasic in general.


– Total supply: 6,804,870,174 SNT

– Circulating supply:  3,470,483,788 SNT

– BTC Dominance: 41.7%(at the time of writing)

– 24h Volume: $4,329,600,000 USD

– The number of countries using Bitcoin: 96

SNT, a successful ICO project in 2017, is a social network integrated blockchain technology but only used on web browser, currently no app on IOS or Android but x20 times after the fruitful ICO with  $90 million raised.

The peak of SNT capitalization is over 1.5 USD, rising more than 5000% in 2017 (see image below for more details)


SNT also has the ability to transfer crypto through its social network but can only transfer ETH while Akasic App can transfer all types of cryptocurrencies. In addition, SNT, after 1 year, has only a social networking application with very few users and there are not many integrations within the ecosystem behind like Akasic App. It’s just impossible to think of the incredible value that Akasic App can reach or how much MAS value in Akasic can be achieved in the future.

Let’s do a simple math:

Status with SNT

– Total supplpy: 6 billion coins (30 times more than MASH)

– Starting price: 0.03 usd

– Peak Price: 0.6 usd (20 times higher than the starting price)

Akasic App and MASH token

– Total supply: 200 million coin total 30 times less supply than SNT creates scarcity

– Starting price: 0.35 usd

With all the features, ecosystems, ideas that are totally superior when compared to SNT, but I would estimate a growth of 20 times compared from the starting price like SNT, the price of the MAS can reach: 0.35 usd x 20 = 7 USD.

Please note that SNT takes 4 months to release the product, the next 4 months when the market is vibrant to reach the peak. Currently, SNT is back to its initial price because the SNT ecosystem is not able to keep the price of SNT while MAS is supporting, and therefore, growing with the Akasic Global Ecosystem.

So the MASH forecast of 7 USD is probably too modest.

After this short analysis, I hope you can make your own decision to invest in Akasic. We will make a right decision.

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