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Let’s take a look at the popular ICO Lending projects in 2017: Bitconnect, Hextra, Regal, Firstcoin, Ucoincash, etc. They all raised up fast and then fell down just as fast. They enriched just a small group of people in a short time while causing almost 90% of their investors to lose all the money. Why is that? Let’s find out through the article below.


– ICO is when the company receives BTC and the investors get the project’s tokens in return. Every one of them wants to acquire token at the cheapest price and waits for it to increase 2 to 3 times quickly before taking the profit because that’s what they simply aim at, not the potential of the project itself or its ecosystem (In fact, those are still on-paper ideas at the time), resulting in the hype and dense orders of buying and selling. Especially, “all-out” sell orders – understandably, once they have no faith in the product, there is no reason to keep any token. And a project with no holders but traders community is a catastrophic failure.

– After the ICO, the system commences lending, which is also when the number of tokens on the market is enormous. The call for buying at this time is just for lending but not holding, leading to the state that pace of the lending system development can not catch up with that of sell orders from ICO contributors. As a result, the lending time is also when the price drops significantly and rapidly, causing the lending system to stop running and eventually, start to collapse.

And at that time, the only winner is the company itself.

– So, The key points for a sustainable growth of the token’s price are:

Point 1: the number of tokens on the market must be directly proportional to the community development: the more crowded the community becomes, the better the sustainable growth of token’s price there is.

The number of owners increases as the number of tokens on market increases, or even at a faster pace.

Point 2: there must be a holder community that grows continuously as they have faith in the project’s ecosystem and products.

Point 3: the token itself must has a value of utility in order to stimulate the compulsory or voluntary ownership


“Boomerang – The Great Model of 2018”


– Booomerang is an excellent cash flow balancing and exchange rate supporting model applied in the Masternet system to assist the sustainable growth of the MASH price over time.

– Masternet has developed its investors community even when there is no MASH token owner on the market yet.

– Investing and operating the system enable the community to own both BTC and MASH tokens.

– As the community grows, the MASH tokens are released through interest and commissions

( Point 1: Checked )

– There is no demand for selling but buying since the Masternet System helps the Akasic Network acquire a loyal community that trust and hold MASH tokens when their products and ecosystem are carefully invested by the founders in Korea with an estimated valuation of millions of USD right from the beginning.

( Point 2: Checked )

The Akasic Network creates a closes system where the MASH tokens are used as a mandatory medium for the utility as well other products’ values.

( Point 3: Checked )

End of Boomerang Cycle 1:

– The company has BTC to develop its ecosystem to increase the value that the investors community hold

– The company obtains a large and healthy community that own BTC and MASH but it is certain that MASH holders won’t sell because what they see is an ecosystem with real products that are continuously developed day by day, not just some on-paper ideas. And at that time, there has been a large number of MASH tokens returned back to the company since many investors choose to re-invest after receiving their full max-out at 300% profit (so-called the full-300%-profit re-investors)

** Boomerang Cycle 2:

At this time, the Masternet system only accept deposit in MASH tokens for both new members and full-300%-profit re-investors.

That’s is when the demand for buying more MASH would increase from 2 sources:

  • The investing system community.
  • The holders community

This is also the time that fortunate investors that own MASH in the Cycle 1 would have a huge profit if they choose to sell now.

** Boomerang Cycle 3:

The new system in BTC commences and the company now has more financial resource to continue developing the ecosystem as well as acquire a reserve fund to stabilize the MASH price in Cycle 3.

The Cycles go on and repeat, enabling MASH token’s sustainable growth to take place.

– And please be noticed that the Akasic Network has already had working products before the Masternet system’s operation and after each cycle, the ecosystem grows significantly as well as the community.

– This is an extremely wise strategy created by the top-class strategists together with a well-establish investment plan, indicating the will of long-term sustainable entrepreneurial endeavor from the founders.

– Whether you believe or not, Boomerang’s operating model is still on track and the results it brings will be evident as we go.

– Congratulations to the first members of the Mastetnet community who have chosen a humanitarian and fruitful investment opportunity.

** BOOMERANG – The Great Model of 2018 will help the Masternet project and the Akasic Network Ecosystem walk into history.

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