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Akasic Global

About us

Incorporated in Seoul, South Korea, Akasic Global is an Advanced Open-ended Crypto Ecosystem that contains 8 powerful interconnected elements, including the World’s No. 1 Crypto Exchange for Beginner Traders – AkaTrade

The Tokenized Ecosystem

The Akasic Global ecosystem is tokenized for better interoperability among each product, resulting in better user experience since you can just create one account to access all of our 8 elements and developers joining our ecosystem can link their products on different platforms together.

eco image logo akatrade
Provides beginner traders with advanced trading tools to earn more, lose less, and trade at millions of transactions per second.
eco image logo akamining
AkaMining is originated from profitable and established crypto mining organizations in Korea and China. Akasic Global continuously expands and improves its network of crypto mining facilities in order to develop the communities and perfect its crypto ecosystem.
eco image logo akaplay
Akaplay is a collection of crypto games, advertisements and promotion campaigns within the Akasic Global.
eco image logo akapay
AkaPay is a Payment Gateway that allows merchants to generate QR code and receive payments from traders.
eco image logo akacard
Akacard is a card issued by Akasic Global to withdraw cash at all of partner banks' ATMs.
eco image logo akabot
Akabot is an A.I virtual assistant that inhabits Akasic App, sends you news, and suggest orders to place on Akatrade. It can notify you on market trends and consult on trading strategies. The Artificial Intelligence system makes trading easier than ever by allowing you to predict trends and place orders according to the most profitable traders or trading funds.
eco image logo akasic app
Akasic App is an advanced Crypto Social Network with a Command - line - interface Cross - platform Omni - channel Messenger that integrates with most of the world's top crypto exchanges so that you can trade, retrieve information and exchange resources seamlessly. Akasic App also allows you to deposit and transfer cryptocurrencies with a few clicks, all while protected by advanced security systems.
eco image logo akastore
AkaStore is a network of fixed stores and “moving stores” that adopt AkaPay. The community can buy or sell anything on AkaStore and make payments in the cryptocurrency of Akasic Network. Through Akasic Global, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or even big corporations can introduce their products and services to the massive Akasic Global communities.

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how they are interconnected

Akasic App Released

  • 11 updates
  • 7 new features added
  • 8 days per new update, on average

to give you the best exprience.

akawallet released

  • 3 updates
  • 1 new features added
  • More than 600 hours of aggressive testing

to make sure your fund is safe and sound


Leveraging the advantage of having a strategic partnership with the community building project Masternet, which has built up a strong and healthy cryptocurrency community around the world , we would adopt their MASH token as the medium for all transactions revolving in our ecosystem.




potential partners

token distribution

  • 40%
  • 10%
  • 50%


Product & Market Development
100,000,000 MASH
Team & Advisors
80,000,000 MASH
Big Partners
20,000,000 MASH
  • 30%
  • 20%
  • 50%

Product & Market development
plan with 100 million MASh

Product Development
50,000,000 MASH
Trader Community Building, Marketing
30,000,000 MASH
20,000,000 MASH


Oct 2017

Establishment of cryptocurrency mining factory in Korea.

Jan 2018

Establishment of Startup Fund for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Mar 2018

Established the Artificial Intelligence Research Division in Korea


Launches Akasic App on Android and iOS

Jul 2018

MASH Token Creation + Launch MT7 platform on Web / APP.

Aug 2018

Launch AkaTrade app on Android and iOS + Integrate with AkaPay.

Sep 2018

Integrate AkaBot, AkaTrade into AkaMess.

Oct 2018

Company Opening Ceremony and Trading Floor in Korea

Nov 2018

AkaTrade upgrade, adding Trading Fund feature.

Dec 2018

Upgrade AkaTrade and add Copy Trader.

Jan 2019

Upgrade AkaBot - Added "Trading Order Suggestion"

Feb 2019

Upgrade AkaPlay - adding intellectual games.

Mar 2019

Upgrade Akasic App - integrate with many flooring partners, stores.

May 2019

AkaTrade Upgrade - more Trading Tools.

Jul 2019

Expand AkaStore (Moving Store) to Southeast Asia.

Aug 2019

Security upgrade.

Oct 2019

Improve order matching speed.

Dec 2019

Promote bounties.

Jan 2020

AkaCard release.

Mar 2020

Integrate Deep Learning technology to upgrade AkaBot.

Apr 2020

Promote cryptocurrency that are guaranteed by real assets.

May 2020

Application of distributed asset security technology.

Jun 2020

Upgrade Akasic App, adding "Cross-exchange Order Placement" feature.

Jul 2020

Balance cross-exchange profits.

Oct 2020



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Akasic App




The Akasic Global project is a blockchain ecosystem containing 8 powerful elements, including the world’s no.1 crypto exchange for beginner AkaTrade.

Masternet is a Multi-system Interconnected Financial Platform being the community project built for the Akasic Global project and designed for a greater aim: to integrate with other Blockchain projects in need of real users, catering to everyday’s needs of a huge and prosperous community.

For more information about the Masternet project, please visit:

The Akasic Global ecosystem is built on the Ethereum blockchain. From our point of view, the Ethereum is the most stable blockchain so far for building such a decentralized network.

Leveraging the advantage of having a strategic partnership with the community building project Masternet, which has built up a strong and healthy cryptocurrency community around the world , we would adopt their MASH token as the medium for all transactions revolving in our ecosystem. Therefore, we at Akasic Global can focus on developing the products.

A maximum of 200,000,000 tokens. There will never be more tokens issued.


MASH is being traded on Livecoin and Stock.Exchange. You can access those websites to purchase MASH.

We are currently organizing a monthly-paid bounty/airdrop program that worths 500,000 USDT in MASH token. For further information, please visit:

Currently we don’t require Bounty/Airdrop participants to do KYC to join the program. But if mass spams and/or cheating are detected, we will consider requiring participants to do it